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Ozone Reo V4 Kite Review - First Flight

First time seeing the latest ozone wave kite pumped up I noticed a lot of similarities with its past model the V3. With a slight re-design on the wingtips with a shift of the struts towards the tips which makes for a taller kite when laying on the leading edge.

Gusty Off Shore Winds were the name of the game and this kept everyone off the water,  except myself and the new Reo V4 that just arrived in Maui yesterday.  I chose to fly the 9m which has been my go to when the wind was questionable and I still want to comfortably catch waves.  The wind was 95 degrees at Ho'okipa with it going more off shore then that at times and I would say it was anywhere from unridable at 8 mph up to 24 mph.  The Lanes launch was extra tricky and I was worried about flying a brand new kite over the sharp reef with on/off wind.  Kite stayed right where I wanted without any crazy pulling on gusts as I scrambled past the reef safely.  The kite was rock solid on stability and I was really impressed with how well it stayed in the sky without doing anything out of the ordinary with the bar all the way in and out at times.  

Now for the fun, right out of the gates the kite turned flawlessly as expected with its fast whippy turns I have always loved in the past.  One thing that feels different is the bar pressure and power delivery, it is much smoother which could also be felt as softer.  With a sprained wrist this was a true joy to find, the V3 has a bit to bar pressure for me right now and this was game changing.    Low end was the first test as I got out there, I had a few moments of stand still without even being able to ride.  Never once did I think the kite was going to fall out of the sky, its just so easy to keep it moving its a joke.  Right after that I get hit with a big gust that sends me on a super upwind powered tack out at high speed, locked in and de-powered to the max.  Never once did I feel uncomfortable at full speed.  Lucky for me the best set shows its peaks and I turn down the line to find a much smoother feel overall while riding the wave.  I would stall, loop, throw the kite all around and never got pulled off my edge.  This was always the case with the Reos but now even more so, before I would get a more aggressive tug and now it feels a bit softer which is going to be for a more true wave riding experience. First time seeing it pumped up I noticed a lot of similarities with its past model the V3 and some re-design to the wingtips along with a slight shift of the struts.

This was the ultimate test because it really showed me the low end and top end and how the kite performs in both, kind of reminded me of my old favorite 2012 reo which a big improvement in stability.  Ozone gets 5 stars from me but don't take it from me, try one for yourself.  

UPDATE:  Just compared side by side with V3.  No question the kite has smoother feel all around when flying.  Slightly longer stuts for sure, a straiter wingtip that is a bit more drawn out and it also has some cool new reinforcement areas for durability on where the bridles attach to the kite.  


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