Latest News from the Kite HI Team


Defying Gravity

Day two of the Levitation Project was an unbelievable success. Imagine parasailing but you have total control of the wing above you and your able to fly all over the sky! Parasailing on Steroids.....

Bridging the gap between snowkiting and kiteboarding while gliding on the ocean in Maui Hawaii. The future is here.

Ozone Edge V9 goes HUGE on Maui!

Big Boostin and Sliding at Kite Beach! Jon McCabe is loving this gear combo for huge jumps and freeriding perfection: Ozone Edge V9 Kite and AXIS Kiteboarding Limited kiteboard.  Hit us up at 808-203-8684 if you wanna learn to jump bigger or try the best gear in the world while riding in Maui.  

Kitesurfing Downwinders on Hawaii are Epic!

Enjoying a perfect day on the water at home. Maui is the best for kitesurfing because of the warm water and epic waves that go forever. Join us for a downwinder and explore all the best breaks while your here.

Ozone Enduro V2 Maiden Flight

Trying out the water housing and slow mo at Kite Beach in Maui. Thanks to Rocky for shooting, Ozone for the amazing kites, and the riders (Corey, Gonzo, and Jon) for riding with light punchy offshore wind and still having fun.  The New Enduro V2 is such a dream to fly and feel free to hit us up for information or to test here in Maui today!  

 Ozone Edge V9 Kite Hits Hawaii Shores

After getting a bunch of killer rides on the new edge for this year, we are so stoked with its performance.  Making light wind boosting a dream and the new faster turning speed is such an upgrade.  Come take a test ride and you would regret it.

Ozone Reo V4 Kite Review - First Flight

ozone reo v4 going right.jpg

Fresh in from Vietnam, the design team at Ozone does it again and somehow makes the perfect kite even better.  We are blown away by how smoothly it turns and delivers power throughout the entire wind window.

Ozone Zephyr V5 Coming in Hot


We could not be more stoked that Ozone has updated the Zephyr with their latest OzoneCAD software from paragliding to create the best inflatable lightwind kite ever made.   Now Lighter, Faster, and Smoother.  Available Now!

Ozone R1 V2 Race Kite Review -  Everything has been upgraded


All I can say is wow!  This kite inflates faster and holds air better then any foil kite I have ever flown.  Unbelievably smooth power, a true joy to fly.  The kite that gives you everything you want as far as speed & efficiency & downwind drift while continually wanting more from the rider, instead of the other way around like inflatable kites.